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International Prize Il Teatro Nudo di Teresa Pomodoro


International Prize Il Teatro Nudo di Teresa Pomodoro

International Prize Il Teatro Nudo di Teresa Pomodoro

NO’HMA Association and the Township of Milan, with the high patronage of the President of the Republic and the support of the Ministry of Foreign affairs, are promoting the octave edition of International Prize Il Teatro Nudo di Teresa Pomodoro.

“Il Teatro Nudo” is that theater that breaks with the aestheticism, and that is human breath, in a scene that does not suffocate thought with tinsels and emotion. A theater that comes from the blackmail of abundance and ostentation; a theater that does not bend to appearance, to codes of a community, but that goes down naked in the meanings, in the exploration of human and society he created, with curious and disenchanted look.

The Prize is dedicated to the memory of Teresa Pomodoro, who first conceived and gave life to an idea of theatre open to all artistic cross-overs. At Spazio Teatro NO’HMA in Via Orcagna, such contaminations ideally blend into performances, events and encounters allowing theatre to bridge the gap between outsiders and making them protagonists on its stage, thus regaining its ethical function which according to Aristotelian tradition is not just mimesis but first and foremost catharsis.

The NO’HMA Association has been operating in the social sector from its foundation in 1994, through training workshops, cultural and theatrical workshops, events, multimedia seminars, and artistic, theatrical and musical performances. NO’HMA is an energetic cultural presence in the city of Milan and in the world of research into modern society, as a result of the multidisciplinary nature of its languages, and its capacity for ethical immersion. All these principles have inspired and shaped its history.

NO’HMA‘s ambition is to discover the world what it means to represent issues normally excluded from the scene: that theater that gives voice to marginalization, degradation, to the suburbs, foreignness between individuals.

Taking inspiration from Teresa Pomodoro’s Metatheatre, the prize intends to locate and promote experiences that express and sustain life, overcoming prejudice and cultural barriers. Inclusion means the welcoming of others, through theatre that goes beyond, in search of the meaning of dignity, humanity, and values common to all.

The objective of the new Prize is to help reveal and promote those forms of “theatre of inclusion” that bring theatre into the heart of society, restoring the theatrical arts their value of experience and an opportunity for growth and sharing, available for all people, without any distinctions of age, social class, sex, culture, or geographical origin.

Theatrical performance can be thought of as the collective conscience, a means of entering into contact with forgotten corners of our personalities, in areas in which it is necessary to rekindle a spirit of understanding and empathy for those differing from ourselves.

This is precisely the intention of the Prize: an invitation to throw light onto the shadowy corners of our soul, inhabited by indifference, egoism and banality, highlighting the beauty and momentous value of human experience. The Prize seeks to encourage an original form of theatre which uses various means of expression, and which is brought to life by tales of abandonment, suffering, racism and instability, but also by the re-emergence of social values, and of sensitivity placed at the service of others. It is a space in which to communicate with the situations at the edge of our field of vision, with men and women bereft of voice, but who are bound to us by shared aspirations and necessities, those most closely allied to our essence as human beings.

A form of theatre that can be considered as a meeting-point between human beings, and between languages and arts.

The Theatre of Inclusion is a challenge to immobility and the status quo. It opens the door to new and fascinating themes, and looks at antiquity in a new light so that it provides a stimulus for a new form of modernity, in which ethics can be given a central role. It is an invitation to accept new languages, wherever they can be found, as long as they are at the service of man. This appeal will be extended through space, reaching both distant lands and familiar locations, in the discovery of artists who perceive this message and provide their own interpretation of its meaning, using the culture and traditions of their place of origin.

The 2016 edition of the Prize will confirm its formula: it will be a real season that will cross, until June 2016, the Spazio Teatro NO’HMA’s programming. The selected shows will have each two performances, twice a month, on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

The final choice will be made by two panels: a Panel of Spectators and a Panel of Experts.

Candidates for the Prize

The candidates for the International Prize Il Teatro Nudo di Teresa Pomodoro comprise all those forms of theatre and creative experiences that go down in the meanings, in the exploration of human and society he created, with curious and disenchanted look,and whose objective is to share theatrical activities with artists and people of different origins. The Prize is therefore intended for Italian, European and international productions and works. It is open to artists in all areas of expression, extending beyond traditional forms of theatre, comprising companies, theatres, associations and institutions, operating in the areas of culture, art, and other forms of experience. It invites the participation of performances and experiences that explore significant themes from a social viewpoint, but that are all too often ignored or forgotten. The assessment of the works entering the competition will include the consideration of the chosen methods of expression, the content, the processes activated, and the themes developed during the processes of expression.

The Panel

In this edition Prize’s Panel will be composed by a Panel of Spectators and a Panel of Experts. The Panel of Spectator will be provided with the Passport to Culture, containing a card with titles in competition. The viewer–juror has to demonstrate to have attended at least two thirds of the performances in the competition, and give their opinion on each play represented.

The Prize’s international Panel for the 2016 edition is formed of figures from the world of culture, art and society: Eugenio Barba (Odin Teatret, Holstebro, Denmark), Lev Dodin (Maly Teatr, St. Petersburg, Russia), Statis Livathinos (National Theatre, Greece), Ludovic Lagarde (Director of Centre Dramatique National Comedie de Reims, France), Ruth Heyner (director of Union des Theatres de l’Europe), Enzo Moscato (author and actor, Italy), Lluís Pasqual (director, Spain), Tadashi Suzuki (director of Suzuki Company of Toga, Giappone), and Livia Pomodoro, the President of the Panel.

The Panel will be assisted by an international network of contributors, who will nominate the performances, experiences and creations that each year will compete for the Prize. The Jurors perform their work free of charge.

In the case that a member of the Panel is related to one or more members of the productions in the competition, the Juror shall abstain from voting, and the same approach shall be followed in the case of any form of conflicting interests.

The committee that will select the final group of nominees is composed of Antonio Calbi, Director of Teatro di Roma, Magda Poli, theatre reviewer of Corriere della Sera and President Livia Pomodoro.

How to participate

To gain access to the selections of the International Prize 2015 edition, you must submit by 30th September 2016 (the postmark will), to Spazio Teatro No’hma Teresa Pomodoro Via Andrea Orcagna 2 20131 Milan, the following material (that will not be returned):

– Presentation of the company / association

– Description of the project / proposed show

– Video of the show on DVD (3 copies, VOB format)

– Press if available

– Summary sheet (attached)

The prize-giving ceremony

The Prize will be awarded to the winner during a ceremony, that will be held in November 2017, with a new replica of the award-winning performances by the two juries, which may also coincide. So it will happen for future editions: the award-winning performances will open the new season of the Spazio Teatro NO’HMA.

The winner will receive a work specially created by an artist selected by the Prize Promoters.

For further information:

Spazio Teatro NO’HMA Teresa Pomodoro

Via Andrea Orcagna,2

20131 Milano

tel +39 02.45485085 / 02 26688369


Councillorship of Milan – Department for the Performing Arts

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